InvestOps USA 2020

March 17 - 19, 2020

Tampa Marriott Water Street

David Easthope, Head of Capital Markets at Celent Group
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David Easthope

Head of Capital Markets
Celent Group

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InvestOps DAY ONE - 18 MARCH 2020

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

11:30 AM All Star Panel: Strike a balance - How to modernize investment operations through people, processes and technology to increase efficiency?

  • What roles are being hit by digitalization and efficiency demands and which areas are seeing growth with new talent?
  • What approaches are firms taking now to keep up with the evolving role of the operations division?
  • What does the ideal digitalized investment operations division look like and how can this be achieved?
  • Assessing the remaining manual functions – What should you be looking to automate next to reduce the human touch and bring scalability and speed to your division?
  • How technology is changing the nature of functions within operations - What skills should you now be looking for when hiring for the future?

InvestOps DAY TWO - 19 MARCH 2020

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

9:00 AM Keynote Fireside Chat- Moving from outsourcing to ‘rightsourcing’: How can you best strike the balance between using 3rd party providers and keeping technology in-house?

  • What areas of investment operations are buy side leaders now outsourcing to 3rd party providers to reap the efficiency and cost benefits this offers?
  • How can you best establish the middle ground between outsourcing and keeping technology in-house?
  • How to measure ROI of your strategy VS In-house and what the metrics used?
  • Strategic ways to outsource- How can you asses when and how to do it to ensure your firm can increase operational efficiency?
  • What kind of technology strategy have you implemented to achieve cost and operational efficiencies in you ‘right-sourcing’ strategy?
  • How can you align your outsourcing strategy for multi-asset investment operations?

9:20 AM All Star Panel: How can you assess if the efficiencies gained from outsourcing outweigh the risks of losing control?

  • The pros and cons of electing a third party – How to bridge the communication barrier and increase transparency?
  • Pre-outsourcing assessment - How can you establish if your organisation is ready to embrace new operating model that will result from the outsourcing? 
  • How to assess the efficiencies gained from outsourcing and if they outweigh the risks of losing control
  • How can you ensure you are managing regulatory requirements efficiently and cost-effectively in an outsourced world?

10:00 AM Innovation Fireside Chat: Cyber risk in the digital era- Risk management - How to tackle the challenge of fraud in operations?

  • How to devise a holistic approach to tackle fraud and cybersecurity threats for the investment operations team?
  • How can technology bridge this gap between threat and security in a digital transformative era
  • Leading from the front- How can you manage fraud through operations and why is it vital to have a top down approach?