InvestOps USA 2019

March 05 - 07, 2019

Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club, Palm Harbor, FL

(+44) 207.368.9576

Andy Burgin

MD, Client Account Director

10:40 AM Keynote Interview: From hype to reality- How are AI, ML and RPA being implemented across investment operations to increase performance and re-direct human resources to where they are truly needed?

Ø  How are AI, ML and Robotics beginning to shape a new path for investment operations and how can they help to achieve your cost and efficiency objectives?
Ø  What opportunities does robotics present to the buy side and how can you measure the ROI?
Ø  What aspects of the investment operations workflow does AI, ML and RPA best lend itself to and how can you implement this?
Ø  Combining humans with machines- How can you build AI, ML and RPA into your existing enterprise architecture?
Ø  How can you ensure you have a comprehensive governance structure over the deployment of automated workflows and solutions?

11:00 AM All Star Panel: Best practice use cases for cutting-edge data management approaches- Which new strategies and technologies should you implement to gain the information edge?

Ø  Under regulations, growing technology, big data and advanced analytics how are global firms addressing the need for a new approach to data management?
Ø  Creating a uniform code for data: How to ensure your data management is consistent across the business to fully reap the reward of standardisation
Ø  How to decide which specific technologies can help you streamline your global data processes
Ø  Evaluating ways to resolve data processing issues without having to reinvest in legacy technology and infrastructure

11:40 AM Oxford Style Debate: To outsource or not to outsource- Do the efficiencies gained from outsourcing outweigh the risks of loosing control?

Ø  Establishing the pros and cons- What are the arguments for and against outsourcing your middle and back office operations?
Ø  Vendor management vs.building internally- Where should you allocate resources and what factors should be considered?
Ø  In an era of increased regulatory scrutiny does outsourcing your investment operations give you enough effective oversight and supervision?
Ø  Assessing the trade off between cost and time- Does outsourcing always remove the burden?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Andy.

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