InvestOps USA 2020

November 16 - 18, 2020



Time (ET)

12th November @ 10.00 am ET

10:00 am - 11:00 am The future is now. Tackling tomorrow’s problems today: What steps can you take to prepare for the operational, accounting, data management, reporting and analytic needs of tomorrow?

  1.   What are some of the key things you are planning for, and how are you doing that? For example, expansion into additional or alternative asset types, entry into new markets or product offerings, etc.?
  2.   As part of your planning and preparation, what do you see as some of the biggest current obstacles or barriers to entry, and how are you looking to address those? For example, changing accounting regulations, consolidated reporting requirements, lack of certain domain expertise, or current operating model, data or technology limitations?
  3.   How are you thinking about and preparing for risk and performance management across the entire portfolio of investments, regions, and products as they grow more complex and diversified?
  4. What does your future operating model look like? Does it involve public or private cloud-based solutions? Full or partial/selective business process outsourcing, or some hybrid “co-sourcing” model which may require more innovative collaboration between in-house staff and external technology and service vendors?

Shirley Williams

AVP Financial Management Services
American Fidelity Assurance

Rick Barnett

Vice President of Investments

Amanda Telhu Sharma

Manager of Investment Accounting & Operations

Dennis Moore

Senior Sales Executive
SS&C Technologies

Sara Benwell

Editors of
Insurance Investor and Fund Operator

12th November @ 11.30 am ET

Buy-side investment operations professionals and industry experts will share their experiences meeting the challenge of unprecedented market volatility and volume with advanced reconciliation technology. This panel discussion will highlight the obstacles investment managers face today, the increasing importance of a collaborative reconciliation function to reduce risk and improve overall operations, and the technology and outsourcing capabilities that are positioning buy-side firms to conquer the next big operations challenges.

Nick Padgen, Head of Operations at Pzena Investment Management

Nick Padgen

Head of Operations
Pzena Investment Management

Minh Nguyen, Director - Technology Solutions Integration at Jackson National Asset Management, LLC

Minh Nguyen

Director - Technology Solutions Integration
Jackson National Asset Management, LLC

Chris Peterson, Manager, Operations at Harris Associates, L.P.

Chris Peterson

Manager, Operations
Harris Associates, L.P.

Vinod Jain, Senior Analyst at Aite Group

Vinod Jain

Senior Analyst
Aite Group

Paul Chung, SVP of Client Services at Electra

Paul Chung

SVP of Client Services

13th November @ 9.00 am ET

9:00 am - 10:00 am How can asset managers combine pre-trade activities between custodians, prime brokers and broker-dealers to increase transparency for the front office to drive efficiency and streamline processes?

  • Eliminating wet signatures plus templating answers/data by fund strategy to custodian pack questions saving time
  • Entering data and submitting documents for each fund once, which is then shared across multiple counterparties (broker-dealers, custodians, prime brokers)
  • Obtaining real-time Ready-To-Trade (RTT) status of your funds, products, and markets per fund and broker-dealer
Louis Rosato, Director – Global Investment Operations – Industry Engagement & Strategy at BlackRock

Louis Rosato

Director – Global Investment Operations – Industry Engagement & Strategy

Gabino Roche, CEO and Founder at Saphyre

Gabino Roche

CEO and Founder

Nicholas Mannino

Executive Director, Product Development & Securities
JP Morgan Chase

19th November @ 11:30 am ET

11:30 am - 12:30 pm How can you implement robust data strategies across investment processes, sensitive industries and compliance?

Since COVID 19, there is an increased scrutiny on investment managers to report on accumulating ownership on industries that are deemed “sensitive” by Sovereign Nations. In addition, we continue to see record M&A activity in the Investment Management marketplace, increasing operational risk and data challenges for the Investment Operations community. There is a multiple of every possible type, be it legal entities, trading systems, position masters, sensitive industry rules, market data providers and portfolio management systems. Having said that, at the very heart of it, is the idea of an attested data set by asset class, that represents the investment universe which portfolio, risk and compliance teams can use to manage the investment process. Using the concept of a Data Management Platform that is now in production in multiple investment management firms, AxiomSL and client organizations will discuss the strategies employed to chart a course in working through such imperfections.

Harry Chopra, Chief Client Officer at AxiomSL

Harry Chopra

Chief Client Officer

Hopeton Lindo

Director Client Relationships - Asset Management

Gaurav Chandra

Global Product Manager

20th November @ 9:00 am ET

For financial institutions, going digital presents meaningful opportunities for organizational transformation – from realizing greater operational efficiencies and better managing costs to driving improved client engagement and adoption. However, though the industry agrees on the importance of digital transformation, few organizations get it right – many struggle with disparate data, ineffective user experiences or both, which then results in low user adoption and sub-optimal operational efficiency.

At InvestCloud, we leverage our principles of design, digital empathy and behavioral science to deliver empathetic user experiences to a diverse client base, built on the foundation of a robust digital platform and mature data model. These user experiences have proven to generate the largest percentage of user adoption and enable key business outcomes. One of the leading adopters of these tools for digital transformation are the storied institutions Lloyd's of London and HSBC.

Join Burkhard Keese, Chief Financial Officer at Lloyd’s of London, James Chew, Director of Global Product Management for HSBC's Global Distribution Support & Transfer Agency, and Mark Trousdale, InvestCloud’s Chief Growth Officer, to learn how you can apply leading practices for business growth and operational efficiency to help grow your business at scale. 

What to expect in this workshop:

  •  Mastering your data when it isn't all in the same place
  •  Delivering empathetic experiences to a diverse client base
  •  The journey to digital success

Mark Trousdale

Chief Growth Officer

Burkhard Keese

Chief Financial Officer
Lloyd’s of London

James Chew

Director of Global Product Management, Global Distribution Support & Transfer Agency

20th November @ 10:00 am ET

10:00 am - 11:00 am Workshop: Empowering your users with self-service platforms for data access

Data is complex, originating from many sources, and created for different goals by many users, making it often hard to access. Learn how to create robust, easy to access, self-service platforms for data access across multiple data sources; Machine learning researchers, business analysts, creators of financial risk reports are currently spending their time on data preparation and access; We will share customers examples demonstrating how productivity is increased by removing the barrier to access of critical data and enabling a 360 view of customer and other data.

David Kaaret, Solutions Engineer at MarkLogic

David Kaaret

Solutions Engineer

23rd November @ 7:30 am ET

7:30 am - 8:30 am Driving a shared economy to achieve a new operational ecosystem: How can asset managers and other market participants’ work together to achieve a singular view of the value chain and develop more efficient architecture?

The asset management industry has long been defined by fragmented, often proprietary infrastructure and duplicated processes. But in recent years, we have seen the trend towards ‘collaboration’ and ‘sharing’ through new platforms that enable us to share resources more effectively, lower costs, and enhance returns.

In this workshop, BNP Paribas invites attendees to discuss:

  • The specific areas that can most benefit from a more shared, collaborative approach such as settlement, compliance, regulatory reporting
  • Current industry initiatives that participants are involved with that, the benefits, and the barriers to adoption
  • The balance between investing in smart, scalable solutions and creating new layers of complexity

Frank Roden

Head of Asset Managers & Asset Owners EMEA
BNP Paribas Securities Services